What is MyCloudUpload?

MyCloudUpload is a file sharing service provider. With MyCloudUpload you can host your files and share it with a download link that will be provided to you after uploading a file.

Why should I use MyCloudUpload

Whenever you need to send or share a file that is too large for e-mail and you need to be "Anonymous", MyCloudUpload is the right solution for you.

Do I have to register / Signup for an account to upload my files

No, Mycloudupload is a free anonymous file sharing service for you to upload your file, you don't have to register or provide any information to use our service, MyCloudUpload let you upload a file with a maximum size of 1.2GB and you can share it up to 6+ months renewable. for FREE

Can I search for files other people uploaded?

No, all files on MyCloudUpload server are encrepted and secured, only the person with the download link can have access to download the file.

Type of files that can be uploaded?

Only Archiving and compression files are allowed check the following list : (Archiving and compression)

Can I Share My Download Link

Yes You can Share your download link with anyone.

Who is responsible for the uploaded files

You are responsible for the file(s) you Upload, if the file found contains illegal materials,we have the right to delete the file and remove it from our server.without any notification.

How can I protect my files

The files uploaded to mycloudupload servers are encrypted and protected, but we recomend you to set a password to your archived file before uploading it.

Do You backup your servers

MyCloudUpload is a filesharing website not a backup service, so it is your responsability to back up your files and keep a copy of your uploaded file on your own computer, we don't backup any of the files uploaded to our servers.

Do I still have access to my file if it reach the expiration date

Once a file is expired, you still have one month to send us an email to ( rep at mycloudupload dot com )with your download link asking to reset the expiration date. Otherwise the file will be deleted and you will have to upload it again.

How Can I delete a file that I uploaded

To Delete a file, use the delete link provided, if you lost your delete link you have to wait for the file to expire and it will be deleted automaticly.

Downloading a Virus / Illegal matirials

If you think the file you downloaded containing a virus or illegal materials, flag the file, and we'll check it.

Is your website secured

we maintain our website regularly, to keep it secured from any kind of attack, and to keep you safe.